The location of ICAGG2017 event will be the Circolo Arci Centro Studi Cucine del Popolo, which is located in Massenzatico, near Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna, Italy.

How to arrive?

By public transportation system

Reggio Emilia is well served by a high speed train line (TAV) from Bologna and from Milano, which are the nearest international airports. Otherwise it is possible also to use Rome or Florence international airports in combination with TAV. Warning: the high speed train in Italy are very expensive if you not reserve the travel within some weeks, so you can prefer to use the normal trains: in Reggio Emilia there is also a traditional train line that connect the city with Milano (~1.30 h., 16 € ) and Bologna (~45 min 6 €). From the stations to the location of ICAGG is possible to travel with a bus line in ~15 min..

We will organize a free taxi service from the stations. Further information will be provided.

By car

Massenzatico is very near to Reggio Emilia highway connection, on the A1 (Milano- Florence via Bologna), and the A1-A22 conjunction (Modena Nord).